Call For Artists

Call for Mural Artists: Afrofuturism Theme for GreenwoodGo Project

GreenwoodGo is once again poised to infuse the Historic Greenwood District with creativity, and this time, we're propelling forward into the future. Our third mural project is slated to beautify the Lansing Ave Bus Barn, situated right next to the iconic BlackMoon Mural. Having previously embraced themes of Community, Movement, and Inspiration, we're now set to explore the vibrant and boundless realms of Afro Futurism.

What's the Vibe? Think bold, think visionary—think Afrofuturism. We're searching for mural artists ready to blend Greenwood's rich history and promising future with the electrifying essence of Afrofuturism. Imagine creating a fusion of technology, culture, and art, all depicted in colors that narrate the exciting tales of what the future holds.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Muralists with a zeal for Afrofuturism.
  • Artists whose brushes and palettes create a future where history and infinite possibilities converge.
  • Creatives able to draw people into movement, wrap them in inspiration, and ground them in a community that's hopeful about the future and proud of its past.

If this sounds like you, we're eager to see your art become part of Greenwood's landscape.

How to Jump Onboard: Complete the form to share your information. Please link us to your portfolio or work samples that showcase your affinity for Afro Futurism.

Deadline to Connect: Don't miss out! Make sure to submit your details by April 30, 2024. The clock is ticking, but a future filled with opportunities and creativity awaits.

Are you ready to launch Greenwood into a new dimension with your artistry? Let's transform the Historic Greenwood District into a canvas that reflects a future illuminated by the dreams and hues of Afrofuturism. The stage is eagerly awaiting your masterpiece.


Call for Mural Artists: Afrofuturism Theme for GreenwoodGo Project

Your availability
This project needs to be completed by June, 2024. Are you available to contract and complete the project by the deadline?